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Find Balance with the Wheel of Life

How often do you stop to take a look at every area of your life and evaluate how you feel about each one of them compared to your ideal? In this week’s article, I would like to propose to you a very simple yet powerful practical exercise called the Wheel of Life. This...

Failure is the key to achieve success

How do you feel about failure? What feelings do you associate with failing? Do you feel it’s a negative thing, to avoid at all costs? Or do you embrace and accept failure? How many times do you accept to fail before deciding to give up? We all fail at something in life, it’s inevitable. But what is truly important is how we react to failure and if we use it as an opportunity to grow stronger or as an excuse to give up.

Values and rules: how they impact your relationship

We all live our lives based on a set of values and rules, whether we are aware of them, or not. They guide us in our choices and ultimately in our life. However, there are some rules that we put in place for ourselves, in relation to some of our values, that may make...


I am outgoing and make friends easily. I thrive on self-confidence, knowing that nothing is impossible. I love meeting strangers and approach them with boldness and enthusiasm. I love change, easily adjusting to new people and situation.



I AM blessed. I AM content. I AM mature. I AM free. I AM friendly. I AM terrific. I AM terrific. I AM prudent. I AM radiant. I AM glad. I AM protected. I AM perfect. I AM successful. I AM kind. I AM helpful. I AM smart. I AM loved. I AM caring.