Expand your organization with I AM Affiliate Premium

Do you want to get your product and services to your audience? I AM Affiliate Premium gives you awesome additional features that’ll help you to semi-brand the I AM THAT I AM APP with your products and services. Send us your biography and related business links or services and we will create your profile to be added to the app. Our internal linking tool will connect your profile to the app whenever your app users upgrade to Pro using your “Referral Code”. I AM Affiliate Premium will also give you access to our store where you can advertise your digital products.



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Enter organization or individual name

Enter biography or about organization

Enter number of digital products at $100 per product – (optional)

Enter Referral Code (you must register – to get referral code)

Price is $200 Affiliate Premium ($100 yearly service fee)

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Completely re-brand the I AM THAT I AM APP with your logo, business information, affirmations, etc.

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