IPHONE: My affirmations are blank in Dark Mode

When your iPhone is in Dark Mode, all of the text fields and affirmation names will be blank. You will need to make sure you DISABLE the Dark Mode feature in your device. 

IPHONE: iTunes music does not want to play

Did you make sure you that your iTunes music is downloaded to your device. Sometimes this app will show that you have music from your iTunes, but it will not play unless it’s actually downloaded to your device. So please open iTunes Music player in your iPhone and make sure you tap the ‘cloud’ button next to the song you want to play inside the I AM That I AM app, so that it downloads to your phone. Please try again after doing the above.

IPHONE: I recorded my affirmations, but I don't hear anything?

Please make sure that your microphone is turned ON for this app.

Go to your device settings > Privacy > Microphone and make sure the switch is set to ON for I AM That I AM.

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